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7 Tips on Buying a New Recurve Bow

Buying a recurve bow can be easy if you follow these tips.

What is the purpose of the bow

This is a major question to ask as it will determine the kind of bow you go for. If your bow is for target practice then rest assured any kind of bow can be used here and you therefore hold an advantage of using any amount of money. However, if you want a recurve hunting bow you need to understand the parameters that determine whether your recurve bow is good for hunting, the major one being draw weight. If the draw weight is high then the bow is powerful enough. Always go for a minimum weight of 40 lbs.

Would you like a take-down recurve bow?

A take down bow is the type where one is able to disassemble it and then bring it back together when need arises. It has two recurve limbs that can be separated from the riser. Not that it easy to use a takedown as a beginner because you can adjust your draw weight and upgrade later when you are comfortable, it is easy to transport anywhere you want to go and servicing it is easier because you can just remove the spoilt part and fix a new one.

The weight of the recurve bow

The recurve bow’s weight is very important especially if you will be carrying it for long hours. Remember this is not the draw weight it is the whole bows weight. If you will need to go for long distance hunting consider this tip and make the weight not more than 3.5 pounds.

The suitable length of the bow

it is said that the longer the length the more accurate the recurve bow is. If you intend to hunt bigger animals choose the longer ones as they will be able to shoot further away while maintaining high accuracy level. There is a comparison chart that shows you the appropriate length for you but generally if your draw length is at 28 inches then your recurve should be at 56 inches.

The riser and limb quality

Do not compromise on the quality of material used to make your recurve bow riser, I advise you to go for risers made of aluminium and hardwood as they are usually light in weight and durable. It should possess a firm and comfortable grip that emphasizes on the importance of reduced vibration. The modern-day risers contain brass bushings that have space for installing desired accessories.

Fiberglass limbs are necessary to offer them resistance to bending and quick breakages.

The arrow to be chosen          

If the bow is to be used for target practice then the arrow will not matter much but if is to be used for hunting then it needs to be of high quality and firm. Remember to choose the one that suits you best from the massive number in the market.

The manufacture

Although discussed last it is avital tip. Recurve bow like most other products are manufactured by many, this makes them not to produce authentic and high-quality bows, it is therefore necessary to take your time to identify the best manufacturers in order to avoid frequent complaints and buying of new bows all the time.

When planning to buy a recurve bow take your time to conduct a proper research so that you don’t go wrong.